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1st three-year plan: Achieve rapid development in China and become the technical leader in related industry (completed).

2nd three-year plan: Strengthen basic and technical management, achieve stable development, constantly break through technologies and sustained expand business, thus being the leader in domestic medical products automation industry. At the same time, Maider moves to a new industrial zone. (Completed)

3rd three-year plan: Integrate international resource and construct international medical device technical platform; explore international market. At the same time, positively ace capital market and achieve to be listed in capital market.

4th three-year plan: Maintain stable business development in international market and march top three within global medical products assembly automation with business range expanding to medical instrument assemblu automation field. Maider then becomes ‘turnkey solution provider’ from ‘equipment supplier’ and gradually achieves industrialization of ‘smart factory’ solution.

5th three-year plan: Become first-class ‘smart factory’ solution provider around the world.

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