Employee Benefits:

Company offers competitive compensation and annual salary opportunities;

• Free room and board: three meals a day, three dishes per meal, three dishes, and fruit for lunch. Anyone who does not eat at the company can get a meal of 400yuan/ month; accommodation is 1< /span>-6People, each dormitory with separate bathroom, digital TV, internet, 24Hour hot water.

• Uniform purchase of five insurance and one gold

• All employees enjoy statutory holidays and paid annual leave

• The company has a variety of incentive awards, including full attendance awards, seniority allowances, manual recommendation awards, proposal awards, excellent employee awards, etc., core key personnel and management personnel enjoy equity incentives;

• For employees’ birthday celebrations and occasional gatherings and parties

• The company provides employees with various forms of internal training and assignment training from time to time to provide opportunities for employees to learn and grow.

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